To become Africa’s leading Not-for-Profit organization exposing human rights violations committed by governments and bringing support to victims of such atrocities in the English-Speaking regions of Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) and beyond.


To support, protect and empower people from English-Speaking Regions of Cameroon at home and in the diaspora, who have experienced various forms of human rights violations perpetrated by the government of Cameroon.


SSCDHR is a Not-for-Profit organization with head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organization was founded to honour the life of Sam Soya, who was brutally beheaded by Cameroon soldiers. His story is one of several thousand victims killed in cold blood by the regime in violation of their basic human rights, and the burning down of their houses, villages and properties.

The SSCDHR is an institution fighting for the Human Rights of all the people of the former UN Trust Territory (Under British Colonial Administration), also known as Anglophone Cameroon/English-Speaking Cameroon/Southern Cameroons, both at home and abroad. We strive to ensure freedom and justice for all oppressed people of this territory.

One of the core projects of the SSCDHR is the Southern Cameroons Exiles Forum (SCAEF) which accommodates the Refugee and Exiles programs. The goal of this project is to help safeguard and propagate the rights and security of those fleeing from political repression into Nigeria and the rest of the world, and from actions of cultural genocide perpetuated by the Cameroon government.

This center also upholds, recognizes and fights for the unconditional release of activists and freedom fighters like Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, Tassang Wilfred. Professor Awasum, Dr Cornelius, Dr Fidelis Nde Che, Mancho Bibixy, Pen Terrence, Patrick Ndangoh, Pa Nfor Ngalla Nfor, Celestin Atanga, Tsi Conrad, Geo Tang and many others that are presently or will be incarcerated and unjustly detained under inhumane conditions in Cameroon’s maximum-security prisons, cells and bunkers.

Our intervention programs ensure that refugees and exiles, especially infants and children of school-going age; pregnant women and nursing mothers; the aged and frail receive immediate humanitarian assistance in their countries of accommodation.

Our Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Political Prisoners & families support programs to especially empower thousands of IDPs women, children and care for prisoners.

Other SSCDHR programs include: Research, Records, and Statistics (Archiving); Advocacy and mobilization; Faith Outreach; and Democratic Empowerment.