• Organizing Protest Actions in specific locations and events: For example, at African Commission Sessions, African Court, African Union, NGO Forum, Departments of Home Affairs, Pan African Parliamentary sessions, UNHCR and other institutions as situation demands, to advocate and create global awareness of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Cameroon government and its agencies on people from the English-Speaking regions of Cameroon; and the plight of exiles and refugees.


  • #StopCameroonViolations Campaign: SSCDHR partners with the University of Pretoria Law School’s Center for Human Rights (CHR), and other stakeholders in investigating, highlighting and advocating against genocidal actions and other forms of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Cameroon government; and mounting pressure on the relevant authorities and institutions to hold the perpetrators of rights abuses and crimes against humanity accountable through litigation. It therefore strives to investigate, document, litigate and advocate on human rights abuses perpetrated by the Cameroon’s regime and its agencies in this former British trust territory.
  • #FreeAyukTabe Campaign by SSCDHR and DPHI to put pressure on Cameroon’s repressive regime to free all those that have been unjustly detained and living under inhumane prison conditions.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe