Exiles Support Program

The Exiles support program protects, supports, and empowers all exiles from English-Speaking (Former British Trust Territory) living in different countries in the world through the following activities and objectives:

  • Empowering exiles to observe and respect the laws of the host countries. For instance, working and paying taxes as well as abiding to the by-laws and respect for the various authorities.
  • Using all legal and most effective measures to fight against the deportation of all documented exiles to Cameroon where they will be exposed to unfair incarceration, torture and possibly murder.
  • Assisting undocumented exiles residing in different countries to become documented thus regularizing their stay in host countries
  • Empowering all exiles. For instance, provides social, legal and economic assistance to exiles that will ensure self-sustainability.
  •  Assisting victims of human rights abuses and fight for justice where it is being denied.
  •  Providing access to education and vocational training.
  •  Fostering a spirit of fellowship among the exiles.
  • Providing any other assistance necessary for the dignity and well-being of all the Victims, especially those who suffered torture, political violence and other human rights abuses.
  •  Monitor and create awareness of the violations of the rights of the victims with a view to work towards their protection.
  •  Promoting social cohesion with citizens and other nationals in host countries.
  •  Dissuade exiles from crime.
  • Cultivate and foster a sense social identity, self-esteem and social cohesion among exiles.