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Account Name: Sam Soya Center for Democracy and Human Rights

Account Number: 62762629908

Bank Name: First National Bank (FNB)


I solemnly declare that I will abide by the aims and objectives of the SSCDHR & SCAEF as set out in the Constitution, the Freedom Charter and other duly adopted policy positions, that I am joining the organisation voluntarily and without motives of material advantage or personal gain, that I agree to respect the Constitution and the structures and to work as a loyal member of the organisation, that I will place my energies and skills at the disposal of the organisation and carry out tasks given to me, that I will work towards making the SSCDHR & SCAEF an even more effective instrument of liberation in the hands of the people, and that I will defend the unity and integrity of the organisation and its principles, and combat any tendency towards disruption and factionalism.

  •  I am 18 years or over.
  • All information supplied is true and correct.
  • If any of the information supplied is incorrect or misleading or if I do anything deemed not to be in the interests ofSSCDHR & SCAEF and my membership can be terminated.
  • By signing this document I agree to abide by the conditions of membership laid out in the Constitution.
  • I pledge active participation in all activities and will contribute positively wherever I may be called upon to do so.
  • I will participate in human rights awareness campaigns and meetings when required to. Where I cannot attend Iwill formally notify SSCDHR-SCAEF in ample time.
  • SCAEF recommend South African R100 (China ¥ 100), Europe€10, UK£10, USA$15) monthly membershiplevy (payments methods: bank deposits/ transfer, PayPal/ credit cards / pay points and payable monthly, ininstallments or once off, depending on personal choice) for immigration, legal and many other covers for allAmbazonians or Southern Cameroonian registered as Exiles under SSCDHR.
  • Upon registration and payment of the first monthly levy (R100) you will be eligible to have SSCDHR—SCAEF Card and enjoy lots of benefits of being a members of SSCDHR.